Agnisumukh Energy Solutions Private Limited

Agnisumukh is an award-winning startup from India, manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment driven by energy efficient radiant heat gas burner which is flameless, smokeless and noiseless. These burners produce uniform heat just like charcoal emitting far-infrared rays. Agnisumukh manufactures commercial kitchen gas appliances from cooking ranges to steam boilers where gas saving is beyond 30% and it is 50% more thermally efficient than any conventional burner in the market. This burner system has potential to transform and integrate all heat applications on gas fuel driven by LPG, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane or any other combustible gas fuel because the temperature can go beyond 1000 - Celsius in a very short time. Preserving nutrition in food, clean pots and pans, safety, conservation of water are big challenges in commercial kitchens while carbon soot, extreme heat, fuel wastage is creating nightmares in commercial kitchens. The innocuous looking commercial blue flame gas burners are creating this global menace in kitchens around the world, Agnisumukh radiant heat burners completely addresses these issues. Cook stoves across the globes are still on manual mode and Agnisumukh Innovation would automate the entire platform by bringing smart systems on gas fuel.