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Ajummery Bikas Foundation (ABF) is a private company established on 2nd January 2013 to provide expert advisory services on energy, environment, climate change and sustainable development. Its scope of work includes but not limited to the following: - Conduct study and research - Policy review and analysis - Socio-economic study and analysis - Gender and social inclusion - Livelihood ' energy-based enterprises - Facilitate project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation - Build managerial & technical capacity of stakeholders - Assist in CDM and voluntary market project design ' PDD development, monitoring, validation, verification The 'Clean Cookstoves Social Marketing Project' is an initiative of Ajummery Bikas Foundation (ABF) commenced on 1st March 2015. ABF's endeavour is to establish cookstoves as a commercial commodity and develop a commercially motivated market system for rapid expansion of the market. This Project strives to develop a cookstoves market system by promoting business networks of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers as well as last mile women and men retailers in the rural areas. The Project aims to promote 200,000 clean cookstoves by 2020 through a network of 100 women and men last mile retailers in partnership with 10 manufacturing/ supplier companies. This Project contributes to Government of Nepal's campaign of clean cooking solution for all by 2022.


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