Cleanopolis Energy Systems India Private Limited (CESIPL)

Habitat management was not such a major concern in the past as populations were meager and land available for assimilation was more than adequate. But today, lack of sustainable habitat management practices has become a serious concern. Hence, the urgent need for the implementation of an integrated approach with a widely replicable model that serves to improve upon today's infrastructure with a locally designed, multi-disciplinary approach, as an onsite utility services company to provide civic services across varied settlements - sustainably and efficiently. Such captive grids of short gestation can offer ' dedicated 24x7 power, drinking water of bottled grade, convection cooking systems that substitute LPG, heating or cooling of buildings through earth air tunnels, enable hot and cold running water through waste heat recovery applications, incorporate integrated waste disposal systems and even offer climate controlled vertical farms. GOAL: Cleanogen aims to offer end users an alternative to traditional grids with renewable and decentralized ones instead. Our strategy is to develop, operate and manage dedicated closed loop utility points for consumers at dispersed locations. THE USP OF AN ONSITE MICRO-GRID: The approach requires collaborators to commit space and permissions. All CAPEX and CIVIL infrastructure will be committed by CESIPL in a ZERO - CAPEX model, with LC cost being the only capital expenditure incurred by end users for dedicated infrastructure. Monthly bills are backed by an irrevocable letter of credit (LoC) amounting to 12 months equivalent of projected power outgo's. CESIPL will provide onsite management of the utilities for the duration of the agreement on a no- -cost-basis or BOO basis. While remote, 24 x 7 x 365 management, will be GPS enabled - by the OEM (ECOGEN), vide a dedicated satellite link to ensure seamless, availability of power and may be idea for per-urban and industrial clusters.


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