About the Partnership

Many organizations are working to address energy poverty in developing Asia, and in order to help direct these efforts and achieve greater impact, ADB formed the Energy for All Partnership. The Partnership serves as a platform for these organizations to identify and collaborate on new opportunities to improve energy access.

Energy for All’s Project Development Facility, Energy for All Investor Forums, and other events help to connect members, and highlight energy access project models that partners have developed or are seeking support to bring to fruition. The Partnership can connect members with investor finance, project mentors, and other services that can help them improve upon their models. The breadth of the Partnership means partners can draw upon needed support in a variety of fields: financial, technical expertise, country-specific, or otherwise.

The Partnership’s initial target to bring access to energy to 100 million new people between 2009 and 2015 was successful, and has led to a new target being set – to provide 200 million people with modern energy by 2020.